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Terms & Conditions

 If you are using CyberLikes that means your are agreed with our terms & conditions.

 We don't sell Facebook likes or other that uses your access_tokens.

 Do not use our website for Illegal promotion and selling likes on Facebook. Our website & owner will not responsible if you use it for Illegal promotion and selling fake likes to your clients.

 This site is a Facebook exchange website where user exchange likes, follow, comments and page likes by using Facebook access_token. We don't share your personal information to others.

 This is a is safe Facebook exchange site if you follow our rules. Do not use your account in spam websites because you may get trouble after using that types of websites. If you get trouble after using other auto liker website then we will not responsible for any kind of trouble.

 Do not use this site for official purpose. If you will get any kind of trouble after using this site for your official Facebook account then we will not responsible for that. Use CyberLikes just for fun and enjoy our Facebook tools.

 We will not responsible for any kind of trouble in your Facebook account because may be Facebook restrict you account for some features like Facebook can restrict you liking, sharing and commenting feature for some time period. Don't worry about your account Facebook will disable your account for some feature thats all. Facebook access_token have some permission likes: liking, following, sharing, commenting etc.

 Use CyberLikes on your own risk, we will not responsible for any kind of trouble.